Tuesday, May 8, 2012

blog update 67 - 75/365

Sice I began to work in the hotel, there is no time for many things I could do during winter months.
Per example posting every day in this blog won't be possible during next 6 months, but this doesn't mean I don't make pictures.
Here is an update for past 9 days. ;)

67/365 disappointment of the day 67/365
68/365 Hello, poppy! 68/365
Hello, work in the hotel... 68/365
69/365 Slices of life - many thanks to Dawn for the inspiration and title! 69/365
70/365 I just love this photo - there is so much feeling here... 70/365
71/365 at work 71/365
72/365 72/365
74/365 work again... 74/365
75/365 Ca'n Beia - beautiful shopping experience with an old woman. 75/365


  1. M'encanten les teves fotos de gallarets (amapolas) amb aquests fons desenfocats i tan clars que ressalten encara més el vermell de la flor .
    Feliç tornada a l'hotel ;)

    1. Gràcies, Ingrid!
      Les conec com a roselles :)

  2. enjoyed them all ... but what is in the last one ? Are these spines ?

    1. thank you, Sandra!
      This is food for our bunnies :)